Friday, September 5, 2008

Let's Play Two!

Baseball season is upon us here in China. Big doubleheader today against the Shanghai Rangers. Buncha old guys. We'll see if they can hang with our youth, speed and guile. Recap to be posted later today.

Big kid starts kid soccer tomorrow. That means 2 things: shinguard shopping today, and watching a huge roving mob of kids surround the ball tomorrow. Fun!

Weather has definitely cooled off. Like we flipped a switch when August ended. It's been downright nice here. 3 thunderstorms (one huge) since we've been here are apparently a lot. Average is more like one a year. Let's hope it's not evidence of an angry God! 'Cause I'm doin' the best I can here.

Hope Labor Day weekend was fun for all our USA readers. You'd think China would get into a holiday like that, what with communism and all. But no. There is a moon festival on Monday the 15th, so no school then. The big one for us in October--National Day. The PRC turns 59! Almost old enough to collect Social Security. ha!

In other news, Gary and 6-7 other teachers will soon be accompanying about 40 students to Inner Mongolia for 4 days. China Alive! is the name, and it involves all 9th and 10th graders. Several different trips, mine will involve horses, sand surfing, sleeping in a yurt. Many details and photos to follow, no doubt.

Little is crying, better go fetch him out of bed. Take care and Go Eagles!