Monday, July 29, 2013

Grab-Bag! What's been going on, mid-summer edition.

  • We saw Weird Al Yankovic in concert at the Oregon Zoo. My favorite songs were "White & Nerdy," "Party in the CIA" and "Another Tattoo." But my most favorite was "White & Nerdy."

It was a little sunny at the zoo.

We have been house-sitting for various people, including our friends Patty and Matt. They have a dog named Goya. I cuddled him and we walked him and fed him. One of my favorite parts was when I called him silly names like Goofy Doofy Old Man. Cuz he was pretty old, like 14.

My brother and I went to 2 sleepovers. One of them was with our cousins. The most important part about the first sleepover: we watched TONS OF TV. The other was with our grandparents. The most important part of the second sleepover: I got my own skateboard. Thank you to Larry and Linda.

Photographed in SkateVision. (Just turn your head.)

Something new has started. We have been doing family meetings to plan the week. I am excited (me, Emmett) that we are planning the week. At the first meeting we ever had, I said "Skyping (my friend) Mia" is something I want to do this week. A couple days later, I Skyped Mia and so did Desi. It was nice to see her.
The Meeting (Mom is rocking a To Do list in Evernote on her phone)
The Skyping

A couple weeks ago we went to look at someone's trailer, called a Go (his name was Kani). We found out how to use it, then we ordered one. Yesterday, we saw it. It was awesome. The awesomest feature is it pops out to make a tent. We are going to be living with it on the road. We are going to be home schooled. Yaaay No School!

Kani's (such attentive listeners!)
Ours (pardon the dorky smile)

I have been creating a book on this app called Explain Everything, on my iPad mini. It's about me as an alien. The working title is "Emmyloulou from Snarfgrass." Look for it on the blog soon.