Monday, July 22, 2013

Kickball in the park

So we were staying at Katie P's new house last week. (Thanks for that, Kate.) It's right next to a park. One day, Desi says "What can I do?" so we send him to scope out the scene at the park. He comes back with the news that there's a kickball game and they need more players. I thought he said PLAYAS, so I went.

Anyway, it was fun and we ended up adding a couple more walk-ons. Including a guy who runs the neighborhood's blog. He filmed some action. Here it is.

We're loving our new house- and dog-sit. Details soon.

BTW, the trailer for our Field Trip has been ordered. Here's the website, if you are curious.

Shanghai shipment arrives tomorrow. I'll be hanging out in our new storage unit all day. Maybe I'll bring some of these.