Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yearbook photos!

Just got our next-year's yearbook mug shots. Emmett's class photo is coming in a couple weeks. But I can't wait to post these. So cute! Even mine turned out OK.

WHY IS THIS BOY SMILING, you ask? His pilot shirt is a clue. You see, the morning of picture day, we put a collared shirt on him, against his will. Big fuss! As a compromise, we put the pilot shirt in his backpack and said he could change into it after the picture was taken. You see how well that plan worked. Little sneak!

And, in case you forgot what I look like:

Desi is becoming a writer, before our very eyes. Below is a page from his food journal. See if you can read it. (His class learned about food last week, and this week they will analyze what they all ate last week for their dinners.)

As for Emmy, he cracks me up like every single day. A recent exchange:

While reading "The Paperboy" to Emmy, I pointed to a picture that shows the paperboy's dog following him out on his paper route.

Gary: "What a good dog! Do you know any good dogs?"

Emmett: "Alfie, and Hay-see, Dana's dog."

Gary: "Is Hay-see a big dog or a little dog?"

Emmett: "Little."

Gary: "Does it have straight hair or curly hair?"

Emmett: "Ummm, it's not hair. It has petly fur. And eyes for seeing."

PETLY FUR! i mean, come on.

and when stills are not enough, here is this: