Thursday, November 13, 2008

check me out on NYTimes

So our shipment came today. woo hoo. so i'm blogging on our nice 20" desktop iMac. feels like home...

on an unrelated note: being in china means i'm on lunch break when posts the next morning's editorials. so in my quest to get the first post, i've become a frequent commenter. i'm proud to say my comment (#15 in the list) on my fellow Oregonian Nicholas Kristof's education column was chosen as an editor's selection. check it out and feel free to click "Recommend" after reading it.

beautiful day here today. probably 78 degrees for the high. no joke. clear as skies get here, which means some blue, some grayish brown soupy parts. 

boys are both sick w/some virus. i have not yet succumbed, but sarah is worried she's next. send anti-viral thoughts.

and if any of you will be in our neck of the woods on Jan. 20, we're having a big "End of an Error" party at our place. come one, come all.

oh, and the zoo video will be up soon, i promise.