Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Been super busy


To:        Anyone who has the fortitude to check this blog still
From:    Its wayward author
Re:        What has been going on

A lot.

Went to DC, NYC, Amherst, Boston, New Hampshire, Ontario CANADA, Michigan and several points west on our way back to Portland. Where we now live on as permanent a basis as this family ever does anything.

I have let down my DC friends and uber-hosts Brad and Marlo, among others. Know that I will be posting the whole last 5 weeks of our Road Trip. I would post DC now but Sarah has my laptop with the photos on it--in DC! Brad and Marlo are hosting her while she attends a conference.

Yes, I am married to a DC policy wonk. A power broker.

Anyway, we are loving being home and visiting with friends without feeling like we have to cram a year of fun into 6 weeks of summer.

Check back soon. Or call us! We're normal people again, living in one place, paying the water bill!