Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Breaching the dam

Hi all…has it really been 2 1/2 weeks since our last post?  Wow…lots has happened.

We're currently sitting in a Super 8 in Roswell, New Mexico, on our way to Carlsbad Caverns.  We needed a break from nights in the tent in freezing weather, which lead to not enough sleep for the parents.  The Gila Cliff Dwellings were worth a stop in Silver City, even with the cold.  Got to meet Stephen, who is walking across the country from Tampa to Seattle.

But I digress…the question many of you are asking, and we've been remiss in answering…where are we moving next year?  And the winner is, Portland, OR!  We tried our luck at the Search Associates job fair, and found a) we had very few places that we wanted to move to, and b) those places didn't have jobs for us.  As we've been figuring out what's next, we've realized that Portland has nearly everything we want: clean air, lots of friends and family, and easy access to nature.  We're starting our job search there just as the city shuts down with a freaky ice storm and the teachers of Portland Public vote to strike.  Yeehaw!

It's hard to recount all that has happened in the last couple of weeks, especially because we have to check out of the hotel in 40 minutes, and I doubt there will be wifi at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, where we're headed today.  I will throw up a couple of pics to breach the dam of the blogpost blockade.

at the top of Tom's Thumb

showing off our dye jobs and sweet shades

Grandpa Steve and the boys at the Suns Game…honoring Vets like Gramps!

Des with a rattler at the Desert Museum outside of Tucson

our curious Junior Ranger at the Gila Cliff Dwellings

some broke down some such on the way to Roswell...