Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Here's Desi's take on the last week+:

Yesterday was Gary's B-day we had cupcakes and pizza.We played in the park it was so fun. We set up are tent trailer it was Super cool then My dad called me Jack Monkey. Then we played kickball again It was super fun after that we went home.

Blog post#2
Last Friday I had an awesome sleepover with my cousins.The next day we had pancakes for Breakfast. Then we went to the batting cages I did 55 slow pitch. I also did 40 baseball. We went to Bergerville and I got a milkshake and a burger then we said bye and went home.

Blog post#3
3 days ago I went to OMSI camp I did Rockets Away. Then on Friday we launched our rockets at Conestoga middle school in Beaverton. 

Then when we were done With that. We drove back to OMSI to watch Emmett's claymation video. After it was over we drove home.