Sunday, June 23, 2013

 Hi! I've been in Anchorage, Alaska for 4 days now and have had a lot of cool adventures; Riding an AWESOME limo to a wedding was the first adventure. 

The second adventure was the dance party at the wedding, because I liked to dance and I liked the music. There was a cool photo booth and I took so many pictures!! (Mom is helping me type).

 Today I went to AWCC ( and saw: a bald eagle with one wing (he'd been shot), a Great Horned Owl (that was sleeping), two lynx sisters (that were also sleeping), caribou/reindeer (which are basically the same), black and brown bears (they ate hot dogs and hamburgers!), a porcupine named Chewie (who was really cute), musk ox, moose, and wood bison. 

[Dad's note: off to Juneau tomorrow!]