Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life is good (enough), can't wait for spring!

Weather here blows. Maybe you will read this and say "Yeah it does." In which case, you are right.

Or maybe you'll read this and feel jealous of Shanghai's temperate winters. In which case, I feel very sorry for you.

On an unrelated note...One staple of every English-native foreigner's blog about China is wacky Engrish signs. On this important subject, I have been remiss lately, so here's my attempt to catch up.

photo credit: Sarah Pearlz

Pick up the poop, I guess?

And please nobody panic and call Child Protective Services, but here is Emmett when he joined Desi for a little slow-motion boxing at the end of D's wu shu class.

video to follow soon.


Speaking of soon, got some birthdays coming up. One of us will be 6. Another will be one year wiser and more beautiful. Emmett wants a superhero party. Sarah has not yet declared her wishes.

Take care, y'all.