Sunday, September 18, 2011

We have fish! (well, one less than last night, but STILL!)

It's exciting. Our "fish tank" truly lives up to its name now. Not just a "tank" anymore. Desi and I went shopping last night, and got a dozen medium sized ones, a bunch of tiny ones that have to live in a separate bowl so they don't get et, and 2 turtles who live in our old "fish condo." They are named Tom and Jerry. (Which is HUGE here, by the way. I swear it's on some Chinese TV channel or other nonstop.) Only 1 fish died overnight, woo hoo!

Pics to come tonight, after the filter finishes cleaning out all the junk that came with the rocks I dumped in last night.

In the meantime, Desi is blogging here. Feel free to add comments. He would love that.

Fall has sprung! No more heat here. The forecast, as of now:

Perfect baseball weather!