Sunday, July 10, 2011

Whidbey Island...ROAD TRIP!

Fun times driving up Sat. and down Sunday. Saw Sarah's aunt Billie and her husband Leo. Great fun, we boated, drew artworks inspired by the beautiful treeline, rode 2 ferries, learned carpentry (who say and 5 year old can't use a saw? or that an 8 year old can't use a power grinder?) and ate at the Centralia Burgerville twice!

Here's proof of most of that. I can provide receipts for the rest. We're back in Portland for the next 3+ weeks. Excited about Volz family visits beginning this weekend. Lots of trips to the park and library (but not the pool--highs in the low 70s all week. Wah wah, I know) to keep the boys entertained. And of course, more blog updates.

Peace and love only/always!