Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring keeps doing its thing

Happy May Day. Another perk of life in a communist country: 3 day weekend for The Workers. We spent it together, playing ball, reading Harry Potter 5 and some Choose Your Own Adventures, building robots out of blocks. Domestic bliss makes for boring blog posts, though. What you "readers" crave is actually pictures. To wit:

Here was us downtown for Easter brunch. Mmmm, haze.

Afterward, Desi and I caught a cab to his baseball practice/game. So Sarah took E around town for a "Where's Waldo?" type photo shoot. Can you spot him?

On the Bund:

On the Nanjing pedestrian mall:

On the tidal wave of consumerism:

As for the baseball game, D had fun and got some hits. He and his buddies are really getting into baseball, which I love to see. We're still working on tagging up on fly balls, and such finer points, but they can catch fly balls for real and throw pretty far. And they all love to hit, of course. Pics soon.

In other news...the littles had a sleepover that did not end in fisticuffs, unlike our first attempt last year. Proof:

Just got some more shots from spring brEAK! (As you can see, Jeff is a better photog than I)

How that my IB classes have stopped meeting, and my online training to teach online is almost over, I should have more time to blog. Of course, with all this sunshine, I might be outside throwing batting practice. I hope the sun is shining on you, but not too much. Unless you enjoy that. Osama's dead, Peace out!