Friday, December 10, 2010

Go Ducks, Go boys, and Going Home soon

So the Ducks are in the national championship game. That's the good news. The bad news is that the BCS is so lame that the game is on during a Tuesday morning here. WHat to do....will keep you posted.

Both boys got awards 1 week ago, at an assembly. Video of E below. As for D, he generally hammed it up and could not stand still or be serius for even 3 seconds straight. Therefore, no video of him shall be posted here.

Lastly, it's t-minus a week til we are heading to LA. Seeing many friends and families, looking forward to burritos and sushi and Janet and Steve's new house and Vegas and Legoland and maybe the Grand Canyon and babies we have never met and goodness, it will be happenin'. And, of course, all of it in a house that you can drive around.

Expect video of that.

All's well here, high school final exams are now. Mine were both today, so next week, it's all about the grading. Also, I am now in a portable (aka "trailer") classroom til August. My old bldg. is being torn down to make room for a taller, nicer one. I think the old one was all of 6 years old. That's the way we roll in this town.

Tomorrow is Teacher Prom (aka the SAS Winter Ball) so we are excited to get fancy and hit the town. I got a suit made. Photos will be taken.

Hope all's well where you are. Peace out, as in (Nobel) Peace (news black-)out.