Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another year of fun with JV baseball

Well, fall has arrived in Shanghai and that means it's baseball season. Why play for months and months in the hot summer like major leaguers when you can just dive right in to the pennant race and the playoffs?

I chose to be assistant coach, what with my new class I am teaching (going great, thanks for asking). A new teacher, Luke, is head coach. (No, I haven't made any Star Wars jokes about his name). After a competitive tryout, we have 11 guys: six returning players from last year's 1-win squad, and five raw rookies. I am happy to report that in our first weekend of competition, we surpassed last year's win total, beating our sister campus' team 19-3 and eeking out a win against local team The Fingers (don't ask), see score below.

In our final at-bat, Kevin's 2-out single knocked in the winning run. Unfortunately for Kevin, the next week he was at bat at the end of the game and things didn't end so magically. We had been down 11-0 in the 1st inning, and 18-12 going into the final at-bat. Kevin stepped up with the score 18-17, runner or 1st. Soon the runner had made it to 3rd, and Kevin had 2 strikes on him. And the pitch...Kevin swings and hits a soft liner toward short.

Aww, I don't need to finish. Needless to say, we are now 2-1. Big rematch on Saturday at our sister campus. They will be hungry for revenge and hoping to impress the home crowd there for their big campus BBQ. Expect their dreams to be crushed when the (other) Eagles swoop down on them like they were field mice. Caw!! Caw!!

In other news, just bought some furniture, including an opium bed. Our first drug paraphernalia! Pics soon.