Monday, June 28, 2010

home at last

we are in Portland. loving life. weather in the 70s, been to the park twice in 2 days. seen some folks, will see many more this week. then the beach for July 4th.

Gary was in Vietnam for 10 days and had fun with Steve. Did some relaxing on the beach and on a boat in Ha Long Bay (see below). Also some war tourism at museums and plane crash sites in Hanoi.

In Hoi An (on the beach), Steve couldn't resist making a fashion statement. (That's the Pacific in the background)

While the guys were doing that, Sarah and the boys were in Vegas with Erica and Janet and Grandpa Gary. Lots of swimming in the blow-up pool, and a circus and a jousting show and some watching PBS Kids and they even got to check out 5 books at the Vegas library. also i won them some stuffed dogs at Circus Circus. Special thanks to Auntie E for being such a good host.

Pics to follow soon. For now, it's time for lunch from our favorite grocery store (New Seasons) and then Gary is off to a massage from our friend Chris. Yes, she's that good, that I live in China (the land of cheap and good massage) and I look forward to summer so I can get one from her.

Tonight we see Nawwal, our former babysitter. woo hoo!