Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's like pulling teeth!

No, wait, he DID pull teeth! Well, one tooth, anyway. Yes, folks, our baby ain't no baby no more. Right after tee ball yesterday, D was wiggling a tooth that's been loose for days. All of a sudden it just came out. He was excited, needless to say. Tooth fairy gave him 10 kuai, which is about $1.50 (hey, we have a high cost of living here). See video here. Another tooth is soon to come out and with another 10 kuai, D will have enough for a Hot Wheels. More on this story as it develops.

Tee ball was fun, in no small part because the weather was perfect. Spring is finally here, as of Friday, when it was almost 80 degrees. This week should be great, no highs below 65. It's perfect timing, as baseball spring warmups start tomorrow. I'll be working with the JV kids, including some 8th graders who will be eligible to play JV next season. Let's hope at least one of them can pitch, as I suspect we'll be losing most of our pitchers to the varsity squad in the fall.

In non-baseball news, Sarah and I had a fun dinner with two work friends on Saturday night (Jason and Timber, for those of you who know them). It's nice to go downtown, especially now that so many highway projects are finished. Traffic is already way better than even 3 months ago. Expo starts in 2 weeks, and the city declared a 5-day weekend in its honor. We'll be sticking around town, laying low. We'll see Expo with my mom and Steve when they come in June. Then Steve and I are off to Vietnam for 10 days, which is exciting.

In other travel news, I will be taking Emmett to Chicago and St. Louis this summer. See my family, have some fun. Should be fun to travel just the 2 of us (knock on wood). If you are around the Windy City July 17-18, I'll be at the Pitchfork Music Festival watching Pavement, my favorite all time band, on their reunion tour that I thought would never happen.

Gotta go. Before I forget, new Cary Brothers record is out. Check it out here.