Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"We're there, dudes"

don't remember which movie that quote is from, but it's true all the same. we are back in Shanghai, after the easiest flight ever. Desi slept for 9.5 of the 12 hours, Emmett 6. Not so much for mom and dad, but we're hangin' in. Apartment got painted, looks sweet. Will soon film another apartment tour and put it on youtube.

So I have to brag a bit. I packed our bags, United's limit is 50 lbs. per bag. All 8 were at least 47, and only 2 were over by 1.5 pounds. (After some shifting of movie candy and kids' calcium, all was well.) A big shout-out to Kelly for loaning us her bathroom scale. In addition, we had 4 carry-ons (the legal limit) and 6 personal items (2 over the limit), not counting my chicken Caesar. So I gate-checked the 2 heaviest carry-ons, for no charge, and our friendly driver Jordan (no relation to the basketball player) helped us load the van once we got thru the "health check" and customs. BTW, they've relaxed a bit about the whole swine flu thing--all we did was fill out a form and check "No" I don't have a fever and I didn't hang out with any feverish types. No more forehead laser scan on the plane, like we heard about happening back in June.

From the Shameless Fishing Dept., my birthday *tomorrow* might involve a massage, maybe a trip to the Shanghai Museum (can you believe I didn't go once all last year? no you cannot!), and whatever other fun I have the energy for. Prolly buy me a good imported beer or 2.

I have some sweet photos ready (beach, Safeco Field Mariners game, kids with their friends) but I am typing this thru, which gets text around the Great Firewall of China but not images. So I'll go into work Monday and maybe get some pics to y'all that way. Feel free to request them via email. (mention this ad when you write for a FREE bonus pic).