Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thinking Spring

Well, I don't want to jinx it, but spring may have sprung around around here. After tomorrow, the forecast calls for high temps of at least 62 for the next few days. And lovely bird songs can be heard as we awake in the morning. The crack of the (aluminum) bat echoes thru campus as the SAS girls play softball. So we're feeling good that winter is behind us.

Speaking of bats, Desi and a few of his cohort started T-Ball on Sunday. Nothing too organized, just the dads taking them over to the field. We played catch, hit and fielded, then ran the bases. The kids seemed to enjoy it. We're going to make it an every Sunday event. I'll get video soon.

Or if you see Larry and Linda anytime soon, you can ask them about T-Ball. They were here to see it. Right now, they're touring China. We'll meet up again in the Philippines over spring break. It was great to see them, and show them our little corner of Shanghai.

It's Sarah's b-day tomorrow, so we're heading downtown for a night. Secret plans are in motion which cannot here be divulged. Til Sunday. Which is also the day of Emmett's birthday party, which will be small and low key. Expect a report and photos soon after.

Big news from this school week was Desi's award. He was honored at an assembly for his hard work improving his reading and writing. Video is uploading onto my iMac as we speak. He's able to write lots of words now, and loves reading to us his take-home books from class. We're over the Scooby-Doo obsession that made February reading somewhat formulaic. The villain is always the old ski lodge owner or the jilted boyfriend or whoever. And *so* many jokes about Shaggy having the munchies. It's not like you can explain to the kids ("Well, ya see, the reason Shaggy's always so hungry...")

Music is still a huge part of our day. I've been working on exposing the boys to some 50s stuff, some contemporary AfroPop, a little Zeppelin, some Johnny Cash. And what do they keep demanding? Iron Man and Kung Fu Fighting.

Here's one of our lil' rockers now.

Desi award video soon!

Til then, another photo to hold you over: