Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Journal #1

Before I start the Holiday Journal, here are some long overdue zoo-day photos. As you can see, by the end of the day, the boys needed some coaxing to pose together.

To help with keeping spirits bright during this dark season, we are in full Christmas mode. Fake tree (look for it during the upcoming sequel to the apt. tour video), real wreaths, carols on the iPod radio (BTW, The Temptations do a great Rudolph), and of course, timely parental references to “you better not pout, cry, shout, etc.” Which segues nicely into story time...

On Thanksgiving night, Desi was not cooperating with Mom. Dad was off playing basketball at school, and when he came home, Mom looked unhappy. A bit later, as I spoke with Desi at the dinner table about what had happened that night, he asked, “Are you guys still gonna give me presents?” I replied that sure, we would, because we still want to make you happy even though sometimes you do bad behavior. (SUCH a great dad!) Playing a hunch, I asked if Mom had said otherwise. Desi said no, Mom had not said that, but “I just feel it.”

If I’m not mistaken, this is what psychologists call a “conscience.” Woo hoo! My boy has a working conscience. This is going to be way easier than we thought.

Sorry for the paltry output of posts lately. YFB (Your Favorite Blogger) has been sick since Sunday. Lung junk, sore lower back, lethargy are the only symptoms, so I have not missed work. Nor have I infected others, as I am washing my hands dutifully and I have no cough. Entering Day Three, I think it’s time to consider going to the doctor. I hope that trip is uneventful enough to miss the cut for the blog.

Possible causes: Playing basketball on Thursday night, then biking home in the BITTER cold. Then SAS Turkey Bowl on Friday, again in the cold. Teachers won (undefeated several years running) but I failed to dress/ warm up properly. Then Saturday and Sunday running around with the kids at the school field/playground. By Sunday night, not feeling so great. Maybe this is a sign I’m getting old. I should be able to run around a bit without knocking myself out of commission, right? Of course, germs could be involved too. I hear they make people sick.

Time for me to go make French toast. Sarah has gotten up early all 4 days this week to go running, so I will make her a special treat. 

Bye for now. Take care, and remember, if you’re in Shanghai on Inauguration Day, you’re welcome at our party.